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What Is The

Football Speed and Movement Association?

Football Speed and Movement Association
Football Speed and Movement Association,
FSMA, was founded by Dale Baskett, the first football speed coach in America (1979). Our thrust is to equip football coaches and players with programs and training systems that bridge the gap between knowledge and correct application methods. Provide a membership based organization dedicated to football coaches for nurturing their football speed knowledge and potential performance levels as a team. We will be a member based organization. Members will be able to receive resources each month that grow your athletes and program structure consistently. Our clients will have access to the best mainstream educators for Sports Science and training methods available.

The Football Speed and Movement Association will be a resource for coach’s that want to learn how to teach football speed to their players. Finally, there will be a football speed resource that will give coach’s the solid and true foundational componets to properly teach football speed. Helping coach’s to sift through all of the improper information, techniques, and usless training toys and apparatuses that have polluted the pure core of speed training.

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Where Is The Future of Football Speed?

Where’s the future of speed for football? Track drills and equipment will be in place for awhile, even though they’re a limited resource. However, I have developed a new direction of my own creation for the football community: The Football Speed and Movement Association. It is designed for you, the football coach. The overall goal is to help you with the latest speed training knowledge and teaching systems relative to football. Track techniques cannot and will not accomplish this objective. Equipment is undercutting the progress for real speed and movement running skills. They rely too much on the implementation of equipment instead of the actual teaching of how to be a better athlete. Football needs an organization in place that’s available for coaches to have their own football speed community with programs that are designed by people who understand the required movements of their game.

How FSMA Can Help You?

We are pleased to be able to offer you the only program in the nation, for Football Speed and Movement development that is biomechanically accurate, for developing productive performance results. Coach Dale Baskett, of FSMA, will provide you with the most effective and comprehensive program available on the globe. Acceleration, Change of Velocity, Direction Changes, Ballistic Burst and Quickness. These skills are the most necessary speed components for maximizing football speed. The program address speed performance skills for both in-season and off-season time frames, along with periodization concepts and training cycles.